EltonMultidisciplinary Coach
Elton started his training at Paragym in 2009, very diligently and every day. Having no acrobatic base but showing perseverance and determination out of the ordinary, he reaches a good level in a short amount of time. He also trains Parkour inside and outside. Sociable, reliable and possessing an naturaly developped sense of analyzing movement, he becomes a certified Paragym coach in 2012 and since then has been enthusiastically sharing his passion for acrobatic movement, gymnastics and Parkour.
JulieMultidisciplinary Coach
Julie Losier started as a student at Paragym in 2012. She did not have any acrobatic basics in her hand at that time. Persevering and disciplined, she participates in almost all the courses offered at Paragym for over a year and is progressing rapidly. She still trains intensively in acrobatics, gymnastics and parkour. Her great interest in movement analysis and teaching has led her to share her passion for acrobatics and gymnastics as a coach since 2015.
WillAerial Coach
With a background ranged from music and dance to the many forms of aerial circus Will comes to us fresh from the National Circus School graduating class of 2018. Specializing in rope and silks, he is known for his efficient approach and playful personality. His passion for movement in all its forms has pushed him to share his tricks and techniques with others. Teaching at Paragym since 2017, he is willing to go the extra mile and truly push his students. He looks forward to all those brave enough to step into his classroom.
MathieuCalisthenics Coach
In recent years, Mathieu has explored with discipline and passion the callisthenics style training. It is a form of gymnastics in which one works mainly movements that combine the weight of our body and simple structures such as pull-up bars, gymnastic rings and the ground. This approach, combined with other disciplines experience, has allowed him to discover the full potential of his physical abilities. It is with the combination of callisthenics, animal flow and capoeira that Mathieu explores movement in all its forms! In 2016, he was recruited by a Quebec Callisthenics team called Tribarta. He has since traveled with this group as an athlete and coach. Over time, they seek to optimize through strength, mobility, agility and flexibility in combination with a healthy lifestyle, the physical performance that the body can accomplish. A knowledge he is passionate to share in Paragym since 2017.
SamuelAcrobatics and Tricking Coach
Samuel has been practicing acrobatics since 2011. He started doing parkour with friends outside and at a local gym. Throughout the months, he met several gymnastics coaches at this same gym and this led him to get a job as an assistant-coach in gymnastics and parkour. During his apprenticeship in acrobatic teaching, he discovered Tricking, a sport that mixes acrobatics, twists and flips with martial arts aspects such as kicks and punches. It was love at first sight. Having behind him an experience in taekwondo, he felt quickly at ease with several Tricking movements. Since then, he has been interested in all things acrobatic, gymnastics, parkour, tricking, capoeira, etc., and has been teaching at Paragym since 2016.
MikhailParkour Coach
Mikhail Zaugolnikov is a parkour and natural methods coach.
Passionate in team sports since his youth, he seeks to best himself in individual disciplines such as Kung Fu and Skateboarding.
He discovered parkour as a teenager, which very quickly turned into a lifestyle for him. After 7 years of teaching at the YMCA & The Spot (Parkour Movement Training Center), he seeks to push his coaching skills further and share his experience with the members of his new home, Paragym. He helps his students excel by carefully teaching them three of Parkour’s basic principles; the use of the right techniques, physical conditioning and the mind.
“The importance is to best yourself , every day, internal competition first and foremost.”