Who are we?

Paragym was founded in September 2004 by the former gymnast Drew Joffre. He created Paragym for the purpose of offering adult gymnastics, which even today can seem far-fetched, because we have this vision that gymnastics must be approached at a young age. The disciplines we teach today are vast in order to combine the maximum of acrobatic disciplines. The acronym PARA comes from Posture, Agility, Reinforcement and Acrobatics.


We currently offer all acrobatic sports related to Gymnastics, Parkour, Tricking, Circus, Calisthenics, Powermoves and Free Running as a concept of training accessible for everyone. We have devised a method that allows anyone to join these wonderful disciplines in a safe and fun environment.

Fortunately, we are in a period where working out and sports in general are valued and is increasingly expanding in society. We seek to push training methods to new horizons and demonstrate to people that it is possible to exercise in a functional way. To develop a health, a flexibility and a strength that allows your body to accomplish much more than what a conventional training like lifting weights would offer. Of course you can count on the psychological benefits that result when performing such superhuman feats that would seem impossible to you.